Rock Steady Boxing

Parkinson’s disease is a degenerative movement disorder which can cause deterioration of motor skills, balance, speech and sensory function. More than 60,000 people are diagnosed each year.

Rock Steady Boxing is a non-contact boxing program developed by a team of neurologists, movement specialists, and professional boxers to combat Parkinson’s disease. It has proven results in improving speed, cognition, strength, balance, and flexibility- all areas affected by the disease. Multiple studies have shown that high intensity exercise is the best way to improve or delay symptoms of Parkinson’s.

We are a fun loving and encouraging group, and our “tough love” approach inspires maximum effort, while ensuring that our boxers are safe. Our boxers leave each class feeling empowered, and able to lead a healthier, happier life.

You can follow our group on instagram @rocksteadyboxingmiddletn or our Facebook page @rocksteadyboxingmiddletennessee1

Focus Mitts

Boxers use focus mitts to work on reaction time, defensive motion, and accuracy. It’s also a fan favorite!



A strong mental game is important for any fighter. Not only do we hone our fighting spirit, we have a lot of fun! From dress up days to backyard games, we stay positive!



Stevens Family Taekwondo is based around a close-knit family of fighters. Our Rock Steady boxers have continued that tradition, and we LOVE adding new people to our family!